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Samsung World Headquarters - Seoul, Korea

The corporate staff at Samsung World Headquarters in Seoul, Korea needed a fun place to unwind on their restaurant level. Kay Lang and Nadel Architects, Los Angeles designed “Cactus” CA. Bar & Grill and chose The Olds Masters to fill their “space-age” look with montages of American Pop Culture in all its forms – Sports, cars, Americana and highway culture in the Bar Area segued into Hollywood and music in the Stage Area to T.V., convenience products and food at Open Dining to toys and games in the Game Room.

Bistro M. - San Francisco, CA

Michel Richard’s signature restaurant in San Francisco, Bistro M (now M.Point) at the Hotel Milano, was designed as an earthquake retrofit following the Loma Prieta quake of 1989. The dynamic angles of soffit and steel beams lent itself to an abstracted montage called “San Franciscobilia”, 125 feet of images for which the city is famous. Now under newer management, the mural is one of the few elements retained in the remodel of the bar/restaurant.